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drug of choice

December 18th, 2003 · No Comments

Michaela’s taking Triaminic. Elisabeth’s taking Augmentin ES and Tylenol. Ted’s been taking Tylenol Sinus. Abigail and I are taking echinacea and vitamin C, along with our regular vitamins.

Dosing out everyone’s medicine in the morning is becoming quite complicated, all these various liquids and colorful tablets….and reminding me of those multiple pill prescriptions taken by people much older than us!

The past couple mornings I’ve been feeling a bit tired and tempted to take some caffeine. I could make some coffee – like any hospitable Seattleite, I keep a stash of Starbucks in the freezer 🙂 – but I usually choose chocolate, hot chocolate or chai for my fix. I don’t use caffeine that often so it doesn’t take much to get me going.

However, I realized I could try adrenaline instead, and I took the time, despite a busy day, to get out the door and go jogging. This morning I even had extra time to run one loop more than I usually do. And I felt great! Woke me right up and kept me going…I think I’ll be choosing adrenaline over caffeine now if I can.

The sunshine today is probably helping me too. After predictions of a rainy week, the blue skies yesterday, today and Monday have meant more, and been like medicine to me – and to many of us in the sun-depressed Northwest, I’m sure. This morning on the island I saw a girl wearing a denim mini skirt with bare legs (and sandals maybe even?), and a red covertible driving around with the top down this afternoon. Just shows you what a bit of sun can do – combined with some holiday excitement – it can make you want to believe that it’s summer in the middle of a Northwest winter….guess it’s probably doing some good to our brains, even if it makes us crazy…

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