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Uh-oh and Ta-da

December 21st, 2003 · No Comments

Elisabeth’s learned how to say “uh-oh”. This can signify anything from a dropped toy teapot, to a book she wants back from the floor to a missing slipper or sock. I remember each of the girls has gone through this uh-oh stage and it’s a lot of fun. It’s good to know that she keeps track of things, and cute to watch her search for whatever it is that’s missing, concerned face, saying “uh-oh” until order returns….

Her older sisters at gymnastics class have learned how to do “Ta-da”. As Abigail’s teacher says, it is making a Y, “not a T or an I” with the body. It’s a position of completion, done at the end of a routine or exercise, and also one of confidence. I did it: Ta-da! The other morning the two girls were practicing their “Ta-da”s and they inspired Elisabeth. She’s still at the stand-and-stumble stage, but yet she stood up on her own, raised her hands in the air, looking at me, with confidence in her face. As if to say “Ta-da”. Look I did it! Ta-da!

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