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Maple bar for a mouse?

December 21st, 2003 · No Comments

The other day we went outside in the garden, and Abigail was dismayed to discover that someone had been nibbling on her bulbs. The fault is mine, I suppose, for reorganizing, drawing a new boundary line to her bed, which exposed a few buried bulbs. Recent rain has only helped, washing more soil away. So a squirrel or a mouse wandering through our yard would be quite happy, finding a few snacks. And so it seems one did come and take a few bites from a crocus bulb.

The way this bulb was eaten reminded me of a donut, in a circle. Or it reminded me of a maple bar. When I was a child my dad would go to the donut shop on Saturday mornings and come home with an assortment of sugary goodies. My two brothers, ages 3 and 4 or so, would choose maple bars, eating the frosting off of the top, and leaving the rest behind. Looks like that’s what this mouse or squirrel did, nibble off the top of the bulb. Maybe that’s the best tasting part of this delicacy!

Side by side below: mouse maple bar and people maple bar…..

bulb.jpg maplebars.jpg

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