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snow poems

December 31st, 2003 · 1 Comment

musings from this morning

why am I
acting like a child
rejoicing to see
how you will
wrap us all in white

morning noises
am I hearing things
too tired to tell
need to clear my head
maybe get my ears checked
check my own children
but they are quiet
silent sleepers still
I hear shrieking
pull away the curtains
to see the neighbor kids
California natives
who left L.A. only last summer
sledding down driveways
throwing snowballs before dawn
dark figures in the white
its is happiness
I am hearing
even if it wakes me up
they can be forgiven

the neighborhood
with white and lights
looks like a Christmas card
come alive
now if only we all could know
joy and peace
as real to us
as the snow

who is more excited
the children
sleeping silently
or me their mother
who has been waiting
since last night
to show them the snow
my morning routine
picking up the paper
will have to wait
I want them to see the snow
free of footprints
the way it arrived
new and pure

despite winter weather
the disposal truck
still coming for pick up
I hear it hum around the corner
the clink of bottles in the bin
even beneath the pure snow
there is garbage rotting

looking through the window
I see prints
at first I hope hooves
but then I see paws
a cat
leaping and bounding in the cold

sun up
outside I step
surprised to find
the snow is melting
missing from branches
pulling away from our porch
its not what I remembered
not what I saw last night
peering through the windows
thick winter white
oh well
only one wonder
can last forever

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  • 1 Janet // Feb 4, 2004 at 11:16 am

    It’s great….thanks!