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News notes

January 11th, 2004 · No Comments

Flipping through today’s Seattle Times….

Although I don’t like grocery store loyalty cards, I thought this article about being able to track which beef you have bought via the account information was intriguing…maybe I’ll be glad I have the card someday after all (not for beef since we don’t buy much but maybe for another food recall)…Loyalty cards plus legwork can track beef buying

This morning when I spied the article about screwcaps on wine , I thought I’d ask Enoch, wine connoisseur, for his opinion, and he kindly obliged and blogged about screwcaps save wine from taint …Recently while cleaning out old magazines, I’d found a Sunset article from years ago about this “new trend” – good to hear Enoch’s experience….(check out his More on Mad Cow: low risk, but we won’t eat brain anymore too if interested…)

Good for a smile or two – reading the front page story This might have a familiar Ring: Movie credits reach epic proportions I forgot to mention the unique credits I spied when I wrote about The Return of the King . Ted ( his review ) likes to sit and stay through the credits. I think sometimes he spies old friends who’ve been at work on the films. Also too it’s fun to look at all the different pieces that went into the puzzle on screen. And I’m usually curious about the music as well. So it’s fun to sit there and wait and read, even if we’re usually the last ones out….after 3.5 hours is another ten minutes really all that much?!…I too had noticed the credits for chain mail and inferno….how many other films have those?!

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