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Glimpses of a local garden

January 21st, 2004 · No Comments

Here are some photos I took of the Bainbridge Island Library garden a couple weeks ago, during the snowy weather….

Ann Lovejoy , organic gardener, author and islander, along with her Friday Tidy volunteer crew attend to the gardens at the Bainbridge Island Public Library. Her hand and design are evident, even in the winter snow.


Ann is an advocate of composting. She says that mulching plants with compost or manure mix conserves water and keeps the plants healthy year round. What I liked about this picture was how the snow resembled mulch, the mulch Ann is always promoting.


When we walked past this bench, a woman was sitting there, quietly eating her lunch from a brown paper sack. I walked past her, not even noticing, surprised when I finally saw her there. Wearing her sheepskin coat, with her pale features, she blended perfectly into the tones of the bench, nothing demanding attention. It was a cold day and I didn’t expect to see someone sitting outside. Then again, sitting in the garden is refreshing, no matter what the weather. I admired her spunk and spirit.


After she left, I looked down beneath the bench and spied these last pink blossoms, survivors of the snow.


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