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Digesting Yahoo groups

January 22nd, 2004 · 1 Comment

Anyone else out there having difficulty with Yahoogroup digests? I don’t subscribe to too many groups, but I joined one this summer and signed up for the “daily digest”. For a while it came like clockwork, at the same time every afternoon. But then suddenly it started becoming more sporadic. I wouldn’t get a digest for one, two, maybe even three days. Then some days I’d get two or three digests. It didn’t seem to make any sense, or to be based on size or number of messages. It seemed completely random, whenever the digest woudl be delivered. I was losing interest in the group anyway, so this change in the digests only helped further my dissatisfaction with the whole experience. I thought maybe this problem was limited to this particular group.

Seeking to get in contact with more homeschoolers in our area, last week I signed up for a few more yahoo groups, requesting the daily digests. Two of the groups are quiet, but the other one is pretty busy and buzzing with all kinds of discussions. I sent in message to introduce myself but I didn’t get any digests until two days later. I wondered what had happened – completely unaware of how many people had replied to my message! With this intense group I’ve realized that waiting for the digest, especially when it takes more than one day, even two or more days to arrive, creates too much work for catch-up. So I went back to getting every email message separate. Now I’ve got a lot of work to keep up with the traffic and keep my In box tidy. But at least I’ve always got email to read….

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  • 1 enoch // Jan 23, 2004 at 12:03 am

    if it’s not personal, since it’s posted to a group list, consider subscribing to the list with an address that is an RSS feed. There’s a free service that launched today that does that. i forget where i read it. i’ll let you know when i find it again.

    the way it’d help is that new emails show up in your RSS reader, which i find that it’s easier to scan through by just hitting pagedown, than clogging up my email box. and when there’s too much spam, just get another email address! 😉