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The week that was in weblogs

January 24th, 2004 · No Comments

There’s been a bit of talk recently about how big everyone’s blogroll is. Well, mine is sufficiently small (growing more now that I use an aggregator) but here’s a glimpse, a summary of sorts, bits and pieces of what I’ve been reading in weblogs this week…

Enoch and Tania celebrated Chinese New Year and had fun as a family. Tania started blogging again and cooked up something yummy for the holiday; wish we could have had a taste. Ted got excited when I mentioned the sashimi!

Steven provided us with some entertainment and so did Enoch with his link to Alwin’s Deanimation mix . Abigail’s verdicts tonight: version #1 with the screaming : “I like it!” Version #2 (no Dean): “I love it! ”

Fred posted some interesting questions about publication and celebrated his grandaughter’s turning three. Hope Abby had a happy birthday! Sounds like she’d have fun with my three-year-old Michaela – and my Abby too.

Halley’s been healing. Lisa’s been healing too. She even got seaweed stuffed in her c-section incision as part of the process. Wow, I’ve gotta hand it to moms who deliver via a c! I’ve been impressed by her great attitude and her sense of humor about her healing. Just turn on “Under the Sea” or some other Little Mermaid music, Lisa, if things get a bit boring 😉

Jay posted some jokes about men and women. Ted and I talked about these and laughed for a while. We could even recite most of them from memory…Hmmm..is there truth there?:-)

Wink wrote about grieving Grandma and also discovering some of her secrets after she was gone: what it was like to go to her memorial service, comfort family, and sort through her possessions. Getting to know someone from what she left behind. Most of all, missing her. Peace to you and your family, Wink.

Fran attacked her garden and made a list of chores for spring while she still wants to try cherry trees . I too love the beauty of the blossoms: why not try one?

Anita went to the Seattle Weblog Meetup which sounds like it was a blast, even at a bowling alley. Ted and I – with girls in tow – will have to try to make it, sometime, maybe even to the one next month.

Jeffy found a fellow lost-glove lover – in the New Yorker nonetheless.

While the girls and I have been admiring Mars, Ted’s been working on Planet Apache.

And so the world turns….

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