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Saying Thank You

August 5th, 2003 · No Comments

Today the girls and I took a little trip to the Fire Department to express our gratitude. I had made some chocolate chip cookies and a card that said “thanks for the rescue” (the blue letters spraying out from a hose held by a Dalmatian…) Eager to help, Abigail and Michaela had decorated the paper box I had bought for the cookies. Abigail wrote the names of everyone in our family “Mom Dad Abigail Baby Michaela” and drew a house and also a heart with the words “I love yuo (sic)”.

Our rescue story: On July 12th Abigail and I had been driving to the grocery store when our van caught fire. We were only blocks from the fire station, and eight cars behind us was a firefighter himself, who immediately began changing into his suit on the sidewalk and attacking the fire. Soon two trucks arrived, along with police. The smoke was extinguished, our van pushed out of the way and the tow truck called. Abigail and I were a bit in shock but very grateful.

I like to think that – if put in the situation – I would give my life for someone else. Certainly I would give my life for my children and my husband. I would give my life for a friend. But I have a special appreciation for people who are prepared to give up their lives for strangers every day. I am thankful for those who are willing to die to protect me – whether it be from fire, from thieves or from terrorists. And I pray my daughters will have this same attitude.

So today we went to the fire station, bearing goodies, tokens of our gratitude. “We always appreciate cookies,” said a man using the copier as I came into the office with the girls and our care package.
And we will always appreciate you. Thank you all!

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