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Tree frogs and dahlias

August 9th, 2003 · No Comments

We went to the Bainbridge Island Summer 2003 Studio Tour where we saw “Tree frogs and dahlias” photography presented by Tamara Meader. I thought I would blog this, especially since I have blogged about tree frogs , and I’ve blogged about dahlias but not about tree frogs on dahlias. Her site will give you a good idea of how cute these tree frogs are.

At dinner, while describing our day, the girls talked about Tamara’s photos. Abigail mentioned that I had said the girls could see the frogs on the web.
Michaela: She (Tamara) has a weblog
Me: No, silly. She has a website.
Try to tell a two-year-old the difference between a weblog and a website!

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