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February 21st, 2004 · No Comments

In my post this week about the February Seattle Webloggers Meetup, I described how my oldest daughter declared: “I want to blog!”. Jake of 8BitJoystick.com commented:

Hey you should set up a blog for Abigail

I hadn’t been considering it, but once he wrote it, I began to take the idea somewhat seriously. After all it could be a great homeschooling assignment to keep a blog. A way to practice writing and be creative. Maybe learn a little Movable Type hacking along with Mommy.

Abigail began to get excited about it too. Yesterday she said to me “My blog’s name is ___________” I’ll let her be the one to announce it when and if she gets her own blog. For right now, Ted encouraged her to make a paper blog (goes with the paper laptops I suppose). If she’s motivated enough to make paper entries then perhaps we’ll help her go on-line someday. Like Big Sister, Michaela too wants a blog; she’s chosen a name as well (note: both the names the girls selected so far are like my blog’s name _____ & _______! – like mother, like daughter?!)

I learned today that Elizabeth Lane Lawley’s son, Lane, has a blog that they will be using during their trip to Tokyo.

He’ll be blogging this trip; once he starts posting (perhaps during the layover in Detroit, if we find WiFi), I’ll link to him from here. We’re going to use his blog as a way for him to communicate with his fourth-grade class in Rochester while he’s gone—he’ll be able to post photos and stories, and they’ll be able to comment and ask questions.

What a way to use a blog! I can’t wait to read what he writes from Japan. It’ll be fun to share with my daughters. I imagine it will make them even more motivated to practice blogging on paper….

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