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what are they hearing

February 27th, 2004 · No Comments

It’s Friday afternoon. A sunny Friday afternoon. I think maybe I hear the ice cream man. Or is it the Old Mac Donald book. I have a headache. After an intense week. The girls have known all day that Grandma Is Coming Tonight. I can go into Cattle Herder Mode and try to make us “do” some things. Or why not have a “half-day” of “school”? Time for Creative Expression with Paper Products.

While I tried to nap on the sofa, the girls bounced around the house and got out paper and pens. Now they are making headphones out of paper, inspired by Ted’s new acquisition this week. After dinner he’s been letting them go in his office and listen to his old large earphones, big black earmuff style. He bought some new smaller ones that fit tighter in his ear, almost invisible, better for blocking out the noise as he works from home, his office only a glass door away from the four of us. The girls have loved listening to the music, looking like kids who snuck into a recording studio, huge earphones on their faces. So this afternoon they make paper ones, each girl cutting her own from a sheet of newsprint, the curls of white paper dangling over their hair. They press their hands against their ears and they dance around on the hardwood floor to a beat. I wonder what they are hearing.

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