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Consistency and commitment

March 25th, 2004 · No Comments

I’ve been realizing how moody I can be as a writer. Not that I am trying to be swayed by my emotions, but I am seeing how they appear in this blog. How feelings fall out between my fingers as I type onto the page. How emotions pop up in my posts without my being aware of them. Until I save them into cyberspace.

So I am seeing how consistency and commitment are important. For writers. And for readers.

As a reader, adding new blogs to my repertoire, I’m realizing how powerful one post can be. All it takes is one post to dissuade someone from reading further. I’ve had my moments reading other blogs and I’m sure readers have had their moments reading mine, where it feels like time to look for the turn off switch. Adios. Sayonara. Good-bye blog.

But I hope that people will persevere with me. I’m learning to persevere with others. I am being committed and consistent in my reading, and as in any relationship, taking time to learn more about the person behind the page.

Everyone has bad days or moody moments. Sometimes the first time you meet someone you don’t click, but that doesn’t mean you won’t end up liking each other or finding a friendship. The first taste doesn’t dictate the rest of the plate. I think this is true for encounters on blogs as well as face to face.

As Lisa Williams wrote in her blogging principles:

Kindness. I will strive to post as my best self, and to refrain from posting intemperately. I will try to remember that the people I am responding to are human beings who also have their good and bad days.

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