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Still-Life Stew

March 27th, 2004 · No Comments

The other day the girls and I wandered into an art gallery on the island and we discovered the illustrations from Still-Life Stew on display. Colorful clay creations, pictures of a girl in her garden, growing vegetables, fruits, creating a stew in her kitchen, smelling garlic cloves. I’d seen the book at the library and seeing the sculptures inspired me to look at it again – and to buy some packs of colored clay for play. It’s a fun story and the back of the book has three recipes: Recipe for One Fun Book; Ingredients for Making Pictures; and Rosa’s Still Life Stew (a cooking recipe!).

Another book we’re enjoying at the moment is When I Was Built, the perspective of a house that’s lived through two centuries. The girls have been particularly fascinated by the contrast of bathrooms: In those days, people didn’t usually take a bath more than once or twice a month .

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