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My high school dreams are gone

April 4th, 2004 · 1 Comment

Gone, like yesterday is gone
like history is gone,
the world keeps spinnin on
you’re going, going, gone,
like summer break is gone,
like saturday is gone,
just try and prove me wrong, you pretend like you’re immortal
(you’re immortal) you’re immortal (you’re immortal) ha-ah

we are not infinite we are not permanent nothing’s immediate
we’re so comforted in our accomplishments look at our decadence

gone, (gone) like Frank Sinatra, (gone)
like Elvis and his mom (gone)
like Al Pachino’s cash, (gone)
nothing lasts in this life; (gone)
My high school dreams are gone (gone)
My childhood sweets are gone (gone)
Life is a day that doesn’t last (gone)
for long (gone)
Life is more than money (gone)
Time was never money (gone)
Time was never cash (gone)
Life is still more than girls (gone)
Life is more than hundred-dollar bills (gone)
and little tom fills (gone)
Life is more than fame (gone),
and rock and roll (gone),
and films (gone)
all the riches of the kings and the pinwheels (gone)

we’ve got information in the information age,
but do we know what life is?
outside of our convenient Lexus cages?
She said, He said live like no tomorrow,
every moment that we borrow,
brings us closer to the God who’s not short on cash

Lyrics to “Gone” by Switchfoot

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