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Ted’s home…and other travel plans…

April 11th, 2004 · 2 Comments

Ted’s home and he posted last night about his social adventures during his time in San Francisco: he met with at least one blogger each evening! He also wrote how he installed virus-scanner ClamAV yesterday morning. I am grateful. My email box had become like a minefield filled with obviously infected messages, and I’d gotten to the point last week of neglecting my correspondence for fear of opening up some nasty note…

Now Ted is helping me prepare for my travels this weekend. Yesterday we downloaded Mozilla 1.7 beta so I can IRC with Chatzilla. Last night, I practiced a bit on an OSAF channel with a couple of Ted’s kind co-workers. I made a very brief appearance on #joi_ito and may return there sometime soon. I’m also posting this message from w.bloggar as practice for how I can post at Saturday’s BloggerCon.

Dave Winer posted yesterday about a Bay Area BloggerCon. That sounds like a blast! For a while Ted and I have been planning to take a trip to the Valley with our family in the van. So perhaps if all the schedules coordinate, we could drive down for a week while Ted works in the office, the girls and I visit friends and we both go to BloggerCon…hmmmm?

For now though, I’ve got plenty to do to prepare for this BloggerCon: everything from charging batteries to baking cookies (got to make sure Ted’s got something to munch) along with lists of links, books, and blogs I want to try to read before Friday night….good thing I’ve got a long plane ride plus ferry ride plus limo plus bus…travel has its small blessings.

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  • 1 medmusings // Apr 11, 2004 at 11:25 pm

    SF bay area bloggercon

    i would have loved to go to bloggercon II but have to work, as well as tania & nally coming home. Thanks to Julie for pointing out that Dave Winer’s proposing a bay area bloggercon. Julie, Ted and family may come, and I’d look forward to one!…

  • 2 Betsy Devine // Apr 12, 2004 at 8:30 am

    Hi Julie–That’s great you are coming to BloggerCon. If I don’t see you, please look for me and say hi!