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The complications of communication

April 20th, 2004 · No Comments

I spent the weekend at a conference in various discussions where I contemplated the difficulties of communication between multiple people via electronic medium with limited software tools in asynchronous time across political, cultural and emotional boundaries.

Then I came home this [Monday] morning and later got the girls up. Kneeling on the carpet in their bedroom, I hugged them in their pajamas. At their height, I could see into their eyes. They were warm, cute and cuddly, with happy eyes and round bellies. We looked at each other face to face. Abigail and Michaela began describing what had happened while I was away. My daughters’ adventures with Daddy. Playground tumbles. Broken sunglasses. What they had for breakfast. I asked them what they wanted to do today and they told me. It was clear. It was easy. It was simple. Childish, complete with giggles and smiles.

And I began to wonder: how does communication get so complicated?

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