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DaddyCon: a success?

April 20th, 2004 · 1 Comment

Yesterday Ted posted his final DaddyCon post (read Day 1 and Day 2 from this weekend if you haven’t yet!)

By all accounts I think that DaddyCon has been a success. All the signs are there:

* Kids tired of Dad? Nope.
* Dad tired of kids? Nope.
* Kids well fed, clothed, and well rested? Check, check, and check.

I’d add a few more signs:

  • House is still tidy including shining sink and non-sticky floor.
  • Ted still had energy reserves left for Julie, especially when she needed to vent after missing the boat!
  • Julie comes home and walks into cakewalk of a return with clean laundry and food still left in the house.
  • Everyone seems happy about what happened.

    Hmmm…maybe there will be a DaddyCon 2?!

    I have to say the days disappeared! I’m amazed at what order I am finding at home after my absence. Then again, I was only gone for three days. But it seemed like such a long three days in some ways. What I read during my journey over to Boston in itself impacted me (will write more on that later) nevermind the sessions themselves, and the experience of being at BloggerCon. I learned a lot simply by traveling by myself, going to a conference and leaving Ted at home with the kids. A bit of a role reversal. I think the only other time I’ve left the girls overnight with Ted was years ago, when my brother was dying. During the past four years babies have been depending on me. So this weekend was a new experience for our family. I would have loved to have gone with Ted. But we probably would have ended up spending time in different circles and sessions anyway. It was refreshing and relaxing for me. I laughed a lot and had fun with new/old friends. Ted and the girls seemed to have fun too. It was a new phase for our family in many ways. Maybe the beginning of more to come…maybe more conferences or more mobility in many ways…

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    • 1 Katherine // Apr 21, 2004 at 2:41 pm

      Thanks for posting the links – I had forgotten to look at Ted’s posts and thoroughly enjoyed them all today! AND the comments on his Sunday post.