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April Seattle Webloggers Meetup

April 22nd, 2004 · No Comments

Ted, the girls and I went to the Seattle Webloggers Meetup tonight. Our schedule free, we decided to get on the boat and go…

seattle meetup place.jpg

However, it seems that Meetup didn’t notice how many gatherings were scheduled at the same spot. For a while we webloggers socialized outside while waiting for the another group to finish their meeting. It was sunny and a little nippy but nice.

Here’s a photo of our table before we went outside.

Seattle Meetup.jpg

Once we got back inside, I spent much of the night nestled at a table with my daughters and Maryam Scoble. It was great to get to know her. Funny how we used to live in the same neighborhood in San Jose! And she also worked at a non-profit in Cupertino (how many of those are there?!)

I talked to Robert Scoble a bit about BloggerCon where I had enjoyed meeting Jeff Sandquist and Lenn Pryor last weekend. I had emailed Jeff and found out he wasn’t able to come tonight. I’d heard a rumor Lenn might show but he didn’t. Robert gave me his card to add to my collection… collect them all..!

On their way out the door, Maryam and Robert looked so happy together that – especially in keeping with this blog’s theme of marital bliss 🙂 – I wanted to take a photo of them. It’s a bit fuzzy but I’m posting it anyway. I think the joy still comes through:


Also in the picture is Jack William Bell. He and Anita Rowland have had some sorrow recently in their family and he’s written two powerful guest posts on his wife’s blog. Tonight I liked his bright and symbolic phoenix T-shirt ( I should have taken a picture of the front design!). As always it was great to see Anita, and I recognized a few faces from the last time we came, including Phil and Jake. I like meeting new faces too and Charles has an intense blog with lengthy entries and great photos.

On the way home, we took Jake to the boat with us since he was headed for the Bremerton ferry. The girls were getting tired. I think though that they enjoyed the meeting. Many people played with the kids. Ted and I got to chat a bit. It was fun!

Update: too sleepy late last night and forgot to add that Jake posted the list of attendees including Joe of Rhonabwy: he was wearing a red EFF shirt that made for a good conversation starter…

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