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My BloggerCon claim to fame

April 22nd, 2004 · No Comments

Lisa Williams and I arrived early on Saturday morning. Taking our assignment from Sooz, together we taped up Blogger Con II signs around the building, Pound Hall. I used a red Sharpie to draw directional arrows on some of the signs. Lisa and I joked that someone probably would blog the picture including my artwork.

And indeed, I’ve seen a picture of this BloggerCon sign, with my lovely thin red arrow on at least two blogs. Amy Langfeld has one and so does Dan Bricklin!

After the last session, I went outside and found one of the signs falling off of the wall. I took it down and noticed that my hand-drawn arrow had been replaced by a much larger printed one, along with words that read “Second Floor”. I joked with Lisa that I felt insecure. My arrow-drawing skills had been judged inadequate.

Lacking a garbage can for the sign, I decided to fold it up and put it in my bag for the moment. And there it remained, forgotten, until I got home.

So I have a BloggerCon II sign for a souvenir. If I were a teenage girl, a sentimental sixteen, I’d tape it to my bedroom wall. I used to tape all kinds of paper to the walls of my room: notes from teachers, photographs I’ve clipped from the newspaper, postcards, posters from places I’d visited.

Then last night I thought – hey, why not tape it to the bedroom wall anyway? Why not live and laugh a little? The place could use some decoration.

On my way to take the poster to our bedroom, I looked at the sign with its upward pointing arrow and words “Second Floor”: I realized what might be a better place would be taping it on the staircase. Then the “second floor” would be true, and the upward arrow appropriate…after all our bedroom is upstairs….

..then again, this affects the definition of “BloggerCon” a bit..;)

The girls wanted to know why I was laughing….

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