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Imagine this

April 27th, 2004 · No Comments

What Ted and I discussed (and he posted ) about Pat Tillman’s death reminded me of Jeff Sanquist’s post on saying thank you. MD at Chai Tea Latte yesterday wrote

“Can you imagine?” I say.

No, I can’t imagine. I feel I whine enough about the little sacrifices I make each day, such as getting Gatorade and mustard drenched on my clothes in the course of caring for my kids. I can’t imagine making a sacrifice of life and death, of being willing to let go of fame and fortune, as Ted put it, and dying young.

Yet I know at the same time that I have the life I have only because others have made sacrifices for me. I believe life is sacrifice. Love is sacrifice. Love means laying down your life for your friends.

I want my girls to imagine this: I want them to learn to live in love until death.

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