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Glue, glitter, sand, rice, peanuts and lessons in friendship

April 29th, 2004 · 1 Comment

My local friend Jenny has started a blog: Jenny On the Spot. She’s a mom to 1-year-old Olivia (who’s a little older than my Elisabeth) and a 4-year-old boy Joel. (Her blog has a great picture of the two but I confess some curiousity about the tulips – are the kids that small or the flowers that tall ? :)). I smiled when I read Joel’s theory on why he needs to “eat lots of peanuts”! Her list of Projects to Keep ‘Em Busy including “Glue, glitter, rice, sand – yikes!” and “Sunprints” looks very tempting to me…I might “steal” a few ideas!

Jenny’s competed in a triathlon. She’s creatively finding opportunities in problems and is a caring friend.

So far my favorite post is Early Lesson in Friendship

My son expressed in tears some of his first relationship hurts. It turns out that at preschool there are a couple of boys who tend to leave him out, or even make fun of him.

Jenny described talking with 4-year-old Joel and seeing his depth of heart. What she writes in her blog reveals her own depth of heart: I look forward to reading more…

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  • 1 Jenny Ingram // Apr 30, 2004 at 8:56 am

    Julie, the tulips are pretty tall! They are about as tall as Olivia – maybe a hair shorter:) In the picture on my site, the kids are squatting – I thought a “peek-a-boo” picture would be fun! We had a fun day “tiptoeing through the tulips”! Thank you for your kinds words too.. It is so nice to hear you have enjoyed reading my writings:)