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May Day gifts

May 1st, 2004 · 1 Comment

This morning as I looked out the window I thought to myself ,”I need to take a picture of that and post it for Betsy Devine…”


…who has enhanced how I appreciate the sweet disorder of sweet peas …although this one – the first one of the season! – doesn’t seem too “wanton” or “rumply” to me, yet the flamboyant color could be quite appropriate for “honeymoon nighties”…

Before I was able to post the picture, Betsy sent me an email, telling me that this blog was chosen for Feedster.com’s “Feed of the Day” today!

Many of my favorite blogs have been chosen for Feed of the Day and I’m grateful for the gift. Thanks!

Enoch, very enthusiastic for me, wrote that I’ve inspired him, but he has certainly inspired me many times. For me blogging has been a bit like wading out into the ocean. At the beginning, I was at that stage where my toes felt oh-so-cold, and I thought a few times about running back to the beach blanket 🙂 But Enoch’s encouragement helped me continue going into the water….thanks! I’ve also made lots of fun friends through his connections.

Speaking of friends, to refer to a previous post today, Betsy is a new friend and Enoch is an old one. I just met Betsy in person at BloggerCon and she was a great “mom” to me :). Enoch and I knew each other in college, but I’d dare to say that I feel I know him and his family better now through blogging (and iChat!):). We’d been out of touch for many years when our friend (also frequent commenter and encourager) Katherine put us in touch with each other again – through our blogs.

It was through reading Enoch’s post that I realized today is May Day. When I was a kid I used to pluck flowers from the garden (sticky rhododendrons stems, I remember) and deliver them in construction paper baskets to the neighbors, ringing the doorbells and saying hi. I didn’t do that this year. But I’ll send some flowers here on my blog as greetings,sharing them with my virtual neighbors, so to speak. And Betsy and Enoch (and others) have given me some flowers today too…

May it be a Happy May Day for you also!


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  • 1 Betsy Devine // May 1, 2004 at 9:20 pm

    Hi Julie–thanks for the sweet peas and the kind words too! Filling construction-paper baskets with spring flowers was a big part of May Day for me in childhood also. In NH, May Day was just too early for many violets to be in bloom, so I used to bulk up my offerings with forsythia.