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Carry me Mommy

May 9th, 2004 · No Comments

thoughts to my mom today

I think of how you carried me
first inside you
then outside
in a corduroy Snugli strapped to your chest
you walked around Boston
while my father worked
you showed me the sights
the cemeteries and churches
the past and the present
you wanted me to see the world

I grew too big for Snuglis
too big for your arms to hold
yet you’ve continued to carry me
even when I wanted you to put me down
you couldn’t
you’re my mother

all the words you’ve said
all the ways you’ve tried to care
these three decades between us
now I see
you have carried me
not outside
but inside you

Today my toddler looks at me
raises her arms to say
carry me Mama
But she needs to grow
to learn to walk on her own
it’s hard to say no
I’ll miss the snuggling

As I see it today though
now I know
I’ll always carry her inside me
as you have carried me,

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