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Entries from June 2004

Summer color at Pike Place Market

June 30th, 2004 · 1 Comment

A few photos I took last week at Pike Place Market more below…

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This is sick – update

June 29th, 2004 · 2 Comments

UPDATE – The spam seems to have stopped, thank God, and I think I’ve deleted all of it. When I realized I couldn’t do anything about it and got desperate enough to start praying, then it ended…hmmm….I’m not sure what happened but I’m grateful it’s gone for now. Thanks to Enoch for letting me know [...]

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America the Beautiful Bargain

June 29th, 2004 · 5 Comments

Saturday morning I was watering my plants, kneeling over nasturtiums, can in hand, when I heard Ray Charles’ voice. I was sleep-deprived and feeling slightly dehydrated in the heat but I don’t believe I was delusional or dreaming. It wasn’t a song coming to me in a vision from the world beyond this one, but [...]

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Sources of inspiration

June 26th, 2004 · 2 Comments

I’ve been busy these past few days celebrating Abigail’s sixth birthday. I’ll try to catch up as I can…Earlier this week, Anita Sharpe at Worthwhile encouraged readers to quickly name Six Things that Inspire You . I can make a list of things that inspire me but I think that a better word might be [...]

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A six year old and a Slinky

June 25th, 2004 · Comments Off

Tonight after dinner, Abigail took out her present from her aunt and uncle (thanks K & D!) and then the next thing I knew we were all putting on our shoes and going outside, where Ted had assembled an incline plane using our deck stairs and an extra board. Our new phones can capture video [...]

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