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How to bake a revolution

November 13th, 2004 · No Comments

On Sunday morning, after I learned my flight was delayed, I found inspiration on the Choi’s kitchen countertop and decided I should head to my favorite Chinese grocery store in Cupertino to pick up some treats for my daughters…


Later I realized that I had now officially started a tradition. On the Sunday after BloggerCon II in Boston, I had also bought mooncakes. Perhaps BloggerCon should only be hosted in cities where Chinese goodies can be purchased!

After I bought the mooncakes, I also remembered what the girls and I had been reading recently about a revolution centures ago…

From Marco Polo for Kids by Janice Hebert, page 113

…More than ever, the people of China were unhappy under Mongol rule….As things grew worse, the Chinese people began to plan an uprising.

The leaders of the rebellion had to be very careful so they wouldn’t be caught plotting against the new Khan. The Mongols placed spies everywhere. The rebels met secretly in small groups. They hid messages for each other inside the special cakes that the Chinese people made to celebrate the full moon. When their plans were set, they put messages inside the little cakes telling everyone to rise up in mutiny against their Mongol overlords on the night of the next full moon.

On that night, Chinese rebels invaded the palace and drove away their overlords…

For a picture of such a cake, see Madame shutterfly ‘s excellent photo…

Or here is the one we ate last night…inside we discovered lotus seed paste and egg yolk but no revolutionary messages…at least not this time….


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