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Emotional Life quotes and comments

November 13th, 2004 · 1 Comment

I thought I’d gather together here links and quotes from those who posted about the Emotional Life of Weblogs Session at BloggerCon III last weekend. Tonight I searched through the list of blogs from the white board and pasted below whatever I found…for my own records and to share with those who may be curious…

Susan Kitchens:

Emotional Life of Weblogs: Small group. Good discussion. Best session of the day, if the inner idea-spark count is any indication.

Enoch Choi wrote a great transcript.

Shimon Rura posted a few thoughts and the list of links.

Dan Lyke:

…I think the best session I’ve been to here because it’s small enough to be a dialog between people, and because it’s not just people saying the same things they’ve said in their weblogs…

Susan Mernit described the session as

a small group really talking

She too did a great list of quotes and received an insightful comment from Phil Wolff.

Lisa Williams posted tonight:

It rocked.

More soon.

Also two comments appeared in the Morning-after Open Thread on the BloggerCon site:

Dan Lyke wrote:

My favorite session was Julie Leung’s “Emotional Life”, partially because it was small enough that the comments became a real dialog between those of us there rather than a bunch of blog posts that sometimes seemed to talk past each other. Maybe this is one of the ways we could have used the IRC channel to greater effect, as a way for us to divide the “I want to respond to that” from the “I’ve got an idea I want to throw out there” communications.

On the other hand, the intimate nature of the “Emotional Life” session demanded a certain presence that the other sessions didn’t.

Alison Fish shared:

Thoughts & Emotions was a surprisingly good session. The discussion touched on the many unexpected nuances of blogging that I discoverd 2 years ago when I started blogging and going through the stages.

I think this should be a topic at BCON every year because it felt like a Thanksgiving of the blogosphere or even a sunday church ritual, where at regular intervals (every BCON) you come to remember why respecting others is important, revisit how to give respect (sometimes anger is more respectful than sugercoating,) struggle through the impossible why?s that there may be no answer to.

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