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How does he do it?

March 26th, 2005 · 2 Comments

Eric Rice, at-home dad, has hit some headlines this week. He’s now the new kid for Engadget podcasts. Marc Canter announced that Warner Brothers is sponsoring Eric’s podcasts. He even found time for some Flickr Toy Silliness. What a week this has been!, Eric said himself. Read his list. I’m impressed. So, Eric, how do you do it? Where do you find the time? And why don’t I hear your kids clamoring in the background? You must know something I don’t. Share your secrets please!

Another big announcement this week was the launch of Ourmedia.org. Cool! San Jose Mercury News piece excerpted from Marc’s blog.

Tapping into a growing interest in so-called grass-roots media, two Web sites launched this week that aim to become repositories and clearinghouses for a wide variety of digital content created by the public.

Ourmedia.org, started by Pleasanton writer J.D. Lasica and Walnut Creek technologist Marc Canter, is offering a central place for people to upload and store any digital media they want to share with the world, including video, audio, images and text files. The service is free.

The founders say the service (www.ourmedia.org) could help content producers find new audiences for their work. And it could become a cultural archive for researchers and future generations of Internet users that want to view history through an alternative media lens, say ourmedia’s founders.

The idea for the site, Lasica said, came to him while attending a digital storytelling conference in Sedona, Ariz.

“Here was this new storytelling form, and it needed an audience,” Lasica said.

Grassroots media has enjoyed an explosion of interest in the past year, fueled by the increased credibility of bloggers and the growing popularity of video and audio tools such as camcorders and editing software.

Look at the group blog and highlights of a grassroots media organization. Also the AP news article linked from J. D. Lasica’s blog. I plan to try to spend more time at Ourmedia to see the storytelling unfold. What fun! Congratulations to dads Marc Canter and J.D. Lasica for their accomplishments!

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  • 1 david parmet // Mar 26, 2005 at 6:35 am

    I’ve wondered that (how does Eric find the time) myself…. On the days I’m home with the kids I can barely acknowledge the emails, let alone respond with an intelligent answer.

    I guess that’s why most of the work of us stay-at-home types gets done after nine PM.

  • 2 Eric Rice // Mar 26, 2005 at 7:43 am

    Amusingly enough, I wrote this well thought-out comment about how I organize my day and why it works, but I deleted it. It was going to be a three-hour process.

    It’s 7-freakin-30 am on a Saturday and everyone has a little more attitude today. This is going to be one of THOSE days.

    I’ll post when it’s calmer or perhaps, via audioblog, haha.

    Thanks for the good words.

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