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Heckling Hector

March 23rd, 2004 · No Comments

Go say hi to Hector! I liked Steven Noels’ photo of his fine feathered friend. I thought about Hector today as we were visiting a farm. Chickens were running around across the barnyard: free range?!. Even Elisabeth enjoyed them. They came in all kinds of colors and feathers. One chicken – rooster? – reminded me of an 80’s rock star. The feathers flopping over its face were pale with dark roots, like bleached blond hair. And like those 80s haircuts, it was longer on one side than another, covering its eyes. One of my high school classmates, I think, lost vision in one eye due to her asymmetrical hairstyle. I hope this chicken can see. We couldn’t see its eyes but it certainly could run. I don’t think I’d even seen a hen like that one, with a thick mop of bleached-blond feathers. I had to laugh a bit at its rock star ‘do. The girls laughed too: it seemed so silly. Hope it didn’t feel heckled by our humor. Next time I’ll take the camera to capture our Hector here.

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