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I won’t let these get away…

May 1st, 2004 · No Comments

Ah, the week is disappearing as Saturday slips into the afternoon….below are some links that I enjoyed and want to post before they get away from me….

  • What does your reptilian brain say about you? “It says if you want to fight, I can fight. But you will die.”
    originally seen in Seattle Times but I can’t get the site

  • “There is nothing wrong with being angry at God.” says some kind of lunatic Christian in a “wonderful place”, where I also have been….
  • Lunacy is one of the three characteristics of a writer’s brain. I’m too incompetent to remember the other two…
  • Can blogs get you information? I think the question is what kind of information….
  • The name Rose Wilder Lane brings happy memories. I also adored the Little House books although I’ve never been to a prairie…that I can remember…
  • Thrill seeker or safety-oriented? Young risk takers born in winter months. Although our third child may break this pattern….
  • The girls would like this Hello Kitty rice cooker.
  • Ah, a Machiavellian post! Or not?!
  • I’m honoured too: thank you Steven
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